Hotel Squamish History

Historic Hotel SquamishOriginally built over a hundred years ago by the owners of a logging company, what was then known as the King George Hotel was renamed to ‘Hotel Squamish’ in 1910.

The building has gone by other names over the last hundred years, but in 2011 it was renamed “Hotel Squamish” by the new owner as a “nod to the past.”

Now one of the oldest buildings in Squamish, Hotel Squamish was a popular residence for young loggers when they were out of camp and visitors from around the world.

We lived at the hotel because there wasn’t any furnished house, shack or rooms to be had in the place,… Though there was a parlour upstairs, all shiny leather and cleanliness, and it would have been more ladylike, I suppose, for me to have sat there, Jack and I spent most of our time in the office, where the largest pot-bellied stove I’ve ever seen anywhere gave out comfortable warmth and everyone, including the Indian Agent, local police, loggers and railway officials, foregathered to gossip –
Gwen Cash – I Like British Columbia (Macmillan, 1939)

Now completely renovated, Hotel Squamish offers relaxed, affordable and clean accommodations to visitors and fun-seekers from around the world. Contact us today to book your stay.